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Tips & Tricks on Kitchen Organisation

  • 2021-02-01 16:44:34

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The kitchen is a space that demands order and cleanliness. A clutter-free kitchen can provide an experience rid of distraction, thus enhancing focus and mood.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, organising a kitchen may be a daunting task. Where exactly do we start? Is there a proper way to store condiments? These are some of the questions you may be asking, but fret not – here are some handy tips and tricks on kitchen organisation and storage solutions!

Utilise Overlooked Spaces

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If you look hard enough, you’d realise that there are plenty of spaces that could come in handy for storing items in the kitchen. For instance, the frame of a cabinet’s door could make for a great solution to storing and hanging utensils and kitchen tools! These ingenious ideas are oftentimes derived from the creativity of homeowners looking for storage options beyond the range of sight.

Furthermore, using up forgotten spaces also helps save costs and time – all you need are some hooks and screws or adhesive, and you’re good to go! Having your utensils and knives kept out of sight and flushed within a cabinet is also an added advantage to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Label Your Condiments!

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There’s no easier way to finding your condiments than to simply label them! Having an organised kitchen always starts from knowing where and what everything is, as it makes for easier and quicker access.

All that’s needed is a marker and a few pieces of paper in suitable sizes – but a label maker would certainly make your labelling job a whole lot easier.

Pull-out Pantry

Credit: Siggia Hardware

If you’d like to take the organisation to the next level, you’d love the idea of having a pull-out pantry! This feature enables easy access to your utensils, condiments or even pots and pans, while at the same time keeping them tucked away and out of sight – giving you that flushed and well-arranged dream kitchen.

The steps to achieving this may include labour costs for hiring a carpenter and/or handyman, but if it means you’ll get a beautifully organised kitchen, why not?

Use Clear Containers

Credit: Real Simple

Using clear containers rather than opaque ones is one of those tricks we seem to overlook, but there’s a clear advantage to it. Clear containers help you identify your condiments straight away without having to open them up one by one.

This saves you a lot of time and effort, especially if you tend to store your condiments overhead or in places that are not easily accessible!

Hang Your Pots and Pans

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On one hand, having bulky pots and pans hung up may seem claustrophobic and obstructive, but on the other hand, it’s a much better solution as compared to stuffing them into a cabinet – and here’s why:

Bulky items such as pots and pans tend to take up space quickly in tight compartments like cabinets and drawers. This means you’d have less space to store other items that are more suitable to be kept in these tight spaces, such as utensils and glassware that are not so commonly used. Furthermore, storing your pots and pans by hanging them also helps in drying them out after they’re washed, and that’s definitely a plus!

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