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The 5 Best Kitchen Designs for Your Next Overhaul!

  • 2021-02-25 17:03:12

Credit: Deavita

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of decluttering and organisation, but sometimes, it’s just not enough to curb our cravings of chasing the next in-thing in design. If that hits close to home, congratulations – you’re at the right place!

Today’s read will bring to you some of the best kitchen designs that we’ve spotted recently, and hopefully they’ll provide you with some inspiration for your next big project on revamping your kitchen space. After all, there’s only so much that can be changed through decluttering and reorganising, right? Right.

Heavy Industrial Aesthetic

Credit: Home Decor

This one’s for the hardcore ‘Industrialists’ out there – if there’s one thing that screams ‘Industrial’ in this kitchen, it’s got to be the literal Industrial-style stainless steel sink. This concept doesn’t require much of reading between the lines, as everything is set out to prominently portray the raw and rugged side of interior design!

Let’s not pretend to ignore the unbelievably photogenic fire hose reel cabinet sitting quietly next to the windows – its presence and colour seriously adds heat to the overall aesthetic, no pun intended.

MUJI Aesthetic

Credit: TDC

It wasn’t until recent years when the world-renowned Japanese retail company, MUJI, became a colloquial term commonly used to describe an aesthetic. I mean, that alone tells us how much of an influence the MUJI aesthetic has had on consumers worldwide.

Essentially, the concept stems from mostly wooden interiors that provide a warm, cosy and comfortable ambience. Some refer to this aesthetic as rustic, while others simply relate to it as ‘MUJI style.’ Either way, it doesn’t change the absolute cult following that this aesthetic has garnered over the years, and for more years to come!

Vintage Peranakan

Credit: Thom

Incorporating the Peranakan heritage in a household is a bold concept, that can be extremely rewarding when it’s done right! This project is a stellar example of successfully fusing modern forms with traditional ornamentation.

If you’re a sucker for old school vibes, you’d definitely love the nostalgia a space like this can bring to the table!

Youthful Energy

Credit: Dezeen

As the saying goes, “love is the best ingredient,” and nothing represents love and happiness better than youthful pops of colour, combined with the soft, streamlined forms seen in this project.

Understandably so, many homeowners tend to avoid incorporating bold colours in their designs, but just the right amount at just the right places can really do wonders for your home! Tell me you don’t already feel lighter just by looking at this example!

Raw and Nude

Credit: Houszed

There’s just something about concrete as a material that draws so much attention, despite it having a relatively dull-looking and rugged aesthetic. Our best guess is that its simple outlook boasts a sense of sophistication, rendering it simply perfect on its own, without the need for extra modification.

If you’re looking for that straight-to-the-point statement aesthetic, concrete would be your best friend! Other than its looks, concrete serves as a functional material for use in a kitchen space, due to its low-maintenance and upkeep.

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